Video Premiere: Modern Witch - “Desire”.

28 Jun 2011 — Henning Lahmann
We won't use its name - you'll know anyway - so suffice it to say that Denver, Colorado duo Modern Witch has always been one of the more interesting, radical and innovative exponents of that certain short-lived microgenre that had something to do with the dark side and a contemporary definition of goth (go here to find out what that means in particular). The Sterling Crispin-produced video for Modern Witch's brand new tune Desire perfectly sums up what this music is all about, with its baffling mélange of occultist symbolism and post-modern, internet age-informed digital collage experimentation that constantly hovers between ironic amusement and unsettling disturbance. It is in fact exactly this obvious sense for subtle, almost romantic irony and the blatant rejection to take themselves too seriously that sets the contemporary darkness-worshipping crowd apart from their hilarious predecessors that we used to despise so relentlessly back in our high school days. This here, in fact, is pretty cool. Berkeley, California imprint Tundra Dubs has united Modern Witch with Austin-based project Os Ovni for their rad Love/Desire split 7 inch which is out today. Order now right here. _____________________________________________ Check out Os Ovni's side of the split as well: