Video: Shock “Heaven”

30 Oct 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Just as neon as the picture would suggest but not quite as glaring, dazzling Bay Area outfit Shock sound a bit like Chromatics if they were a bit more upbeat, in every sense of the term. Featuring the well-established musicians Dan Judd and Terri Loewenthal, Shock's picture-perfect debut single "Heaven" is a sultry and seductive pop gem that does inherit its share of sweaty 2am Italo vibes but fortunately doesn't stop there, culminating in a simply irresistible instrumental bridge that brings in a compelling layer of perfectly shimmering guitars. The video itself does exactly what it should do in such a persuasive case, adding just the right amount of kitsch (we're still trying to figure out whether those beach scenes are ironic or not) to close the deal.

Shock's Heaven 12" is out via Voltaire Records. Stream the whole EP, which features remixes from Steve Moore (Zombi), Hatchback, and The Beat Broker, after the jump.