Video Sunday vol. 45

07 Oct 2012 — NFOP

Video Sunday returns from our brief recreational hiatus with a splendid selection of the latest videos that have been kicking around in the NFOP offices as of late, featuring new visualisations of music by Pleq, Holy Flowers, Cemeteries, Grizzly Bear, Hammock, Halasan Bazar, and WIFE. Enjoy.Pleq - Reconstruction (by Ela Aydemir)Holy Flowers - Fade Into You (by Pierre Debusschere)Cemeteries - Summer Smoke (directed by Nolan Wilson Goff)Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (directed by Emily Kai Bock)Hammock - Cold Front (directed by David Altobelli)Halasan Bazar - Shine AwayWIFE - Bodies