Waskerley Way: “Plus Ultra”.

26 Sep 2012 — Tonje Thilesen
Here's a brand new joint from Newcastle Upon Tyne psych popper and NFOP regular Michael Bridgewater aka Waskerley Way, whom just happened to bless us with the self-released EP RPG, explaining that "'RPG' is the OST for a video game that you will play, a document/reification of summer 2012's processes and practices". The distinct bedroom atmospherics may still be avail in the '2012' Waskerley Way, but also proves to dip into so many other genre fragments, from the delightful, noisy pop to breakbeat or even shoegaze. Somehow it has never felt very important to classify the music of our dearest English friend, as he always have impressed us with soulful pop melodies. Download RPG for free via Bandcamp, or stream it right here.