Watch: Acteurs “Cloud Generating”

17 Jan 2013 — Will Stevens

The ever-original Public Information has begun 2013 with a release from Chicago two-piece Acteurs.  "Cloud Generating" slips perfectly into the labels aesthetic, the modulated electronics are raw, punitive and pronounced. With motorik precision from the pounding bass bounce, the track hurries along at a raging pace as further primitive electronic details are added. The sound quality is refreshingly clean, even with the cacophonous industrial sounds that are played intermittently. Throughout the track, the vocals act as a seamless contrast - light, airy and almost keyless, they lack the précising of the electronics but are able to find their own domain, as well as keeping up with the relentless noise. A tantalizing start that will result in a 6-track mini album released via Public Information on February 11th.