Watch: Curt Crachrach “Rehab (feat. Milo Martin)”

20 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Yet another fabulous addition to ClanDestine's impeccable roster (though there has actually been a split tape with Ela Orleans before already), Philadelphia's Curt Crachrach sports a ridiculously enjoyable talent for digging out long-lost record collection and library gems and blending those found snippets into brief pieces of funky, hip-hop induced beat music. On debut LP Lonely Holiday however, it's the collaborations that clearly stand out, like "Rehab" featuring lyricist Milo Martin. Over an organ-heavy funk break, the rapper laconically spits a story about drug abuse and life failures in general. Marvelous. Watch the accompanying video below.

Lonely Holiday is out on ClanDestine Records now. Order the LP over here.