Watch: Dmitry Evgrafov “Like Foam” (exclusive)

18 Nov 2015 — Henning Lahmann

During these days of tension and anxiety, reminding ourselves of the beauty that surrounds us is soothing. More than that, it may be necessary to stay sane in the midst of a neverending flow of news and pictures and grieving and fear. Moscow composer Dmitry Evgrafov didn't write the music on his recently released album Collage, so I assume, specifically for situations like the one we all, collectively, find ourselves in since past Friday. Once again. Instead, in his own words, Evgrafov's delicate arrangements merely vent his penchant to be "always restless, always searching" – a deeply romanticist inclination, to be sure, that is all too often prone to clichéed notions of sappy sensations and faux tragedies yet that the young musician consistently manages to absent himself from. Nor was the video for LP centrepiece "Like Foam", with its images of peaceful autumn landscapes and solemnly grazing cows shot in mind with the very human atrocities that we have been confronted with. Yet somehow, and perhaps that's just me, there is a new connotation to the music now, whether intended or not. "Like Foam" is, in its very own, uncommitted way, healing music.

Collage is out on 130701. Get it over here.