Watch: Ensemble Economique “Too COLD Too SOON”

16 Nov 2012 — Tonje Thilesen

NFOP regular Ensemble Economique has kept blowing our minds these past years with his cosmic, darkened compositions, always touching the borderline of beautiful and unsettling each and every time new tunes are being created, and as ever, unfolding us to highly cinematic and psychedelic landscapes. Cinematic is indeed the keyword for the mind-blowing jam "Too COLD Too SOON", introduced to the world via Clan Destine Records briefly a month ago, taken off his LTD split tape with Dubai. In these 'brand new' found-footage visuals below, "Too COLD Too SOON" receives some rather agitated esthetics, likely to give you cold shivers down your spine. 

Order the split cassette here. Video by our girl Ela Orleans.