Watch: Erasers “Returning Home” (exclusive)

03 Nov 2015 — Preston Ossman

Perth’s Erasers (not to be confused with similarly named 80s English New Wave duo Erasure) allow their dreamlike ambiance to invite a listener’s interest. Their recent full-length Stem Together is a brisk swim in a briny bath of lo-fi percussive loops and melancholic organ hymnals. Rebecca Orchad’s ghostly incantations build and swell, reverberant crooning resonate on another ethereal plane. At times, the record feels best suited for the pitch-black solitude of an insolation chamber, while at other times opening up to nothing short of a psychedelic sermon, a lulling drone underscoring songs like an understated sonic scripture.

In the group's latest video for the song "Returning Home," the viewer is brought into the congregation on a beam of light. Solar glare glistens on the waves as the group’s atmospheric organ rumble fades into audibility.  ‘On a silver sea / returning you home,’ Orchad repeats. The lyric implies patience in movement, the idling that accompanies any expedition, laying in wait. To travel is merely to pass time between destination and origin, and Erasers emphasise this lacuna. The accompanying visuals to "Returning Home" tell this story of stasis in travel: a single swimmer, in a silver sea no less, paddling in place as the water splits around her; stagnant sediment washed over repeatedly by rolling water; the relentless ripple of one’s own wake. The constant motion that the ocean insists upon is often overlooked by its perennial nature, as if to say, “the ocean isn’t going anywhere,” despite that it is always going, pushing, pulling, occillating like that familiar drone.

Stem Together is out on Fire Talk. Get it over here.