11 Jan 2016 — Evelyn Malinowski

Look deep into the eyes of T-Word and Joey – what do you see? A progressive and scrutinizing stance on gender politics? Sardonic yet useful opinion about gender reassignment becoming more accessible? For Berlin queer pop project GODMOTHER, such topics are an innate part of life. However, the video for "MTFTM" – a title expressing the abbreviation for someone who has several serial reassingments, in this case male-to-female-to-male – offers us crevices, clefts, chest hair, fish nets, and the story of two young people who party their way through their realizations that they look better as the opposite sex. It turns on itself not to deliver some kind of transphobic message about staying the born anatomy and assigned gender, but rather to playfully convey the arbitrariness of gender and, yes, even our anatomical cis-selves. Having that said, Joey reassures us that "a rectum is a rectum is a rectum." We can change our bodies until the cows come home, but, like this euphemism which speaks for a comforting, basic truth, we all still need to poop from time to time.

"MTFTM" appears on GODMOTHER's latest, Transgenre. You can check it and the rest of New Pangea releases here.