Watch: Ian Paige “Reflector”

22 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Ian Paige is mainly known for his work as part of stellar Portland, Maine-based astral folk collective Planets Around the Sun alongside Caitlin King (and occasionally Herbcraft's Matt Lajoie, among others), but he recently dropped his first-ever solo effort Poor Palimpsest, a four-track EP that further explores Paige's signature style of relentlessly trippy, heavily psychedelic and purposelessly meandering soundscape improvisations so well known from his main venture. This is music to zone out to, which doesn't mean that it's not worth to take a closer listen in order to actually yourself in the delicate, finely woven textures of the artist's sublime arrangements. Paige's visual treatment of opener "Reflections" essentially enhances the experience: more installation than actual video, the flickering patterns in basic colours open up complete sensual dimensions that eventually alter your state of mind. Psychedelic music like its supposed to be.

Poor Palimpsest is out now on tape via Chicago's Teen River.