Watch: Kitty Pryde “Dead Island”

08 Jan 2013 — Henning Lahmann


So far I had consciously avoided jumping on the Kitty Pryde bandwagon, for one due to the fact that last year's hype, mostly sparked by a good deal of our cherished stateside blog friends, somehow had made me suspicious, but also (later on) as I was plainly rather underwhelmed by the young rapper's so far most widely recognized EP haha i'm sorrydespite all obvious talent. That however changed last night during a period of protracted insomnia, and from now on you may just count me in as a believer. The rather brief "Dead Island" off Kitty's forthcoming D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP is a true killer, both visually and sonically. Some fairly big amount of credit should go to London beatsmith Water – 'your future favourite producer' according to Dummy's Ruth Saxelby – whose instrumental track "(diplo)" from last October's debut EP sluts, sampling the frantic marching band beat of Major Lazer's "Pon de Flor" (hence the name, I assume), provides a perfectly smooth and subtle substructure for the rapper's flow, which comes across as more confident and hence more mesmerizing than ever. Her marvelously snotty line 'I love NY cause there's so many bridges to jump off / Or backyards where you get dumped off' strikes me as most memorable right now, but it's really the whole twisted assault of insidiously presented vocals that at least for me may define a whole new dimension of Kitty Pryde's art. In short, you see me thoroughly impressed.