Watch: Motion Sickness Of Time Travel “Something to Find”

18 Jan 2013 — Henning Lahmann


We're tremendously pleased to premiere the video for a brief excerpt of "Something to Find" by all-time NFOP favourite Rachel Evans aka Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, taken from her recent split cassette with Imperial Topaz on Tranquility Tapes. On "Something to Find", Evans moves on to explore the infinite facets of her blend of quiet, minimal synth melodies and spaced-out drones that have so much become her very own over the past few years. The interspersed, distant vocals emphasize the overall dreamlike state that the music puts you in immediately, and the abstract, unobtrusive yet colourful visuals, which could actually be depicting very much real-world objects that however gently stay out of focus, complete the genuinely entrancing experience.

Sadly, the tape appears to be sold out already, but you should check the label's distro links in order to snatch one of those precious pieces of music.