Watch: Paco Sala “Square Jaw / LGO” (exclusive)

29 Oct 2015 — Henning Lahmann

It's been a while since we last heard from London project Paco Sala aka Anthony Harrison and Leyli. The vocalist having recently relocated to Berlin, the first result since crossing the Channel is a full-length with the fitting name Der Gast, "the guest" – a multi-faceted notion that avoids deliberations about more loaded concepts of existence in contemporary Berlin, such as "tourist", "immigrant", or "expat". To be a guest implies both a limited timeframe and the expectation to be welcome. The two aspects, of course, are intertwined, scantily concealing the word's more twisted connotations (the first generations of immigrants from Turkey and other southern European countries in Germany were labelled Gastarbeiter, "guest workers", in the public discourse, which rather openly hinted at the fact that the German society expected them to leave again and not to settle). 

Musically, "Square Jaw" and "LGO", the first tracks from Der Gast, continue Paco Sala's distinct blend of kosmische-informed synth arrangements and crystalline vocals, though the rhythmic patterns are a little more prominent and dynamic this time around. Watch the video for the single exclusively below.

Der Gast is out on cassette November 6 via Night School Records. Pre-order the tape now over here.