Watch: Solar Year “Magic Idea”

05 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann


Yesterday, our beloved friends over at Dummy premiered the video for "Magic Idea", the b-side of the debut 7" of our very own Montréal duo Solar Year. The Jamie Harley-created visuals not only nicely capture the track's mildly tainted afterhour ease, but manage to unveil hitherto hidden layers of interpretation with his magnificently processed images of overly euphoric spectators who somehow blend into a music that presumably would be completely alien to them, just as if that had been their sole purpose all along.

Solar Year's Night & Day b/w Magic Idea 7" is available via our own imprint Stratosfear. Remember that the guys just embarked on a brief European tour that will bring them to Berlin, Paris, Prague, Oslo, and a few other destinations hopefully near you. Get all the details over here.