Watch: The Cyclist “Visions”

06 Feb 2013 — Trey Reis

The combination of the band name The Cyclist and the organic-style production of his take on dance music remind me of the 2003 animated film, The Triplets of Bellville. Hear me out here. The film follows the kidnapping of a woman’s grandson, who has trained his entire life to be a competitive force in the Tour de France. The grandmother teams up with the triplets--an aging trio of performers who created music entirely built on noises from household found items—to track down those responsible for her grandson’s kidnapping. It’s a strange film, without any real dialogue and still opting to use the hand-drawn animation style when most animated films had moved on to using CGI.

It’s a stylistic choice similar to that of The Cyclist’s single, "Visions", which builds a voiceless, organic foundation of bass-heavy dance music dotted with found-sound style drums in a time when everyone is dropping vocal samples and drum beats into their software of choice and producing highly effected beat music devoid of the roots from which it grew.

This video treatment for "Visions" by Miko Revereza follows suit with The Cyclist’s production, building itself up slowly from simple, moving patterns. It patiently begins to add more colour as the song transforms, and more of the clicking and tapping drums are revealed. It’s a reminder of the appeal of flow and simplicity, and proof that sometimes the old ways are still worth pursuing.

“Visions” is the first single from The Cyclist’s upcoming debut album Bones in Motion, out March 26 via Leaving Records and Stones Throw.