Watch: Visuals “Levitation”

14 Mar 2013 — Parker Bruce

The eye test Justin Timberlake is so fond of these days (see The 20/20 Experience) rears its head in the premiere video for boys of Brooklyn VISUALS’ (Marshall Ryan and Andrew Fox, the latter probably still known to some as part of probably defunct BK outfit Translations) "Levitation",  in which an eye test conjures projections of highlighter and maybe outer space. The eye test doesn’t just function as a cool music video angle. Fox possessed only 'partial vision' and had to be trained in how to see in all-encompassing 3D. So as you can imagine, everything about the band, its name and music video conceit, mean more with this story – he was in the position of the little girl quite a bit. Announcements about a debut EP haven’t been made yet, but another track is up on their Soundcloud.