Weekly Retrospect: 29/12

20 Jul 2012 — NFOP

The internet is a restless thing. Every single day of the year, it unleashes a vast amount of new music, and worst of all, a lot of this music is really exciting. Still crucially lacking interns (and for numerous other reasons, among them actually living an offline life), for us it sometimes feels hard to stay on top of things; we're obviously not even capable of writing about all the tracks we come across each week that fill us with true enthusiasm. That is not a problem in itself, as we do not aspire to cover the whole range of the latest in underground pop. However, we've observed a growing gap between the stuff we manage write about and all the new music we're also thrilled about and listen to the rest of our precious time, stuff that usually only (and perhaps rather surprisingly) surfaces when we compile our year-end lists. Hence this new weekly feature, which from now on will intend to summarize the past days' internet buzz that we've been into heavily, in the words of our esteemed friends from the world of internet music publishing.“'The Sound' kicks off with a looped sample of a quote from the Maharishi about transcendental meditation, before a breathless, love-dazed Ms. Juur launches into one of the warmer/brighter and more thoroughly intoxicating dance tracks we’ve heard from her thus far." - Chris Cantalini, Gorilla vs. Bear Will Happiness Find Me? is out September 4 via Not Not Fun."The title track from his new album Held [reveals] a song-structure and body impetus far in advance of his closest competitors, and manages to sound like this generation’s Belfast." - Charlie Robin Jones, Dummy Held is out August 27 via Tri Angle."Tom Krell’s wistful warble is clear and out front on 'Cold Nites', staring you dead-on over a skittering beat that’s broken up with cascades of glitter and a digital caw/yawn that recalls, vaguely, the recurring baby squeal in Aaliyah’s 'Are U That Somebody'. - Naomi Zeichner, Fader Total Loss is out September 17/18 via Acéphale (North America) and Weird World/Domino (row)."'Changes' is a belter of a pop song with a massive, unashamed hook: Things won’t change until we do / Things won’t change until we do. It’s the simplest of truths, the most obvious of cliches and that’s why it sticks, why it hits, and what makes it pop perfection." - Ruth Saxelby, Dummy The Changes EP is out on Friends Of Friends."It is opener ‘Ulysses’ that is the real standout here; an impossibly addictive track that pits Space Odyssee synths against triplet melodies and, at 2:16, an ENORMOUS bassy payoff." - Josh Hall, The Line Of Best Fit Aeolian is out July 30 via Civil Music."Hailing from Norway, a nation who’s brand of alt-pop music is oft overshadowed by the ever thriving black metal scene – Highasakite deliver a fresh and organic approach to their work and this first taster of their Indian Summer EP" - Richard Thane, The Line Of Best Fit Indian Summer EP is out August 20th via Riot Factory.