Weekly Retrospect 30/12

27 Jul 2012 — NFOP

A selection of tracks you should've been listening to this past week."Here’s a new track from Montreal’s Solar Year, taken from the band’s otherworldly new LP Waverly, which was recently premiered underwater in an olympic-sized swimming pool. I’m guessing that was the ideal way to listen to this record, as the hymnal “Brotherhood” sounds a bit like a new age-y Silent Shout floating up from the ocean floor, featuring entrancing/ethereal guest vocals from the duo’s friend Grimes" — Chris Cantalini, Gorilla vs. Bear"Gobby's Lynchian version of 'Tree Drum' is a prime example of dark techno, with muddy synth beats permeated by gunshot-like percussives." — Emily Wheeler, Ad Hoc"Even though this was released in an instant, it’s a fluent expression of where Actress’s mind is, transported through the net for us all to hear" — Dummy"‘Money’ falls on the dreamy side of trap-influenced EDM, with a cooing sample of the word ‘money’ looped and contorted into a melody. Giraffage unleashes waves of body-vibrating bass and the type of snare programming that’s everywhere right now, before giving way to a very-EDM build and drop. It may not be timeless, but it’s a mover." — FACT"Today’s look comes from Washed Out, who sources “Straight Back,” the Nicks-fronted cut from 1982′s soft rocking, Tusk followup Mirage. In its original instance, the song has a smooth luster and dreamy mid-tempo dance pulse, which is to say it is apropos putty in Washed Out’s hands, who ratchets up the dance and gives it all a beachfront Balearic shimmer" — Amrit Singh, Stereogum"FAYE‘s amazingly beautiful single ‘Water Against The Rocks’ has had us swooning more than what’s healthy lately. Now it’s been reworked by fellow Stockholmers Museum of Bellas Artes, experts when it comes to making a remix completely different from the original, while keeping the bits that truly made it remix-worthy in the first place." — Oskar Christiansson, Ja Ja Ja Music"The song features stuttering beats and claustrophobic electronics, all tightly wound up with mutated vocals rapping 'Dumb luck, numb fuck/ Come out with your motherfucking hands up.' It’s freaky and suffocating and I love it." — Mr P, Tiny Mix Tapes"t’s only a matter of time before MPCs are introduced at Primary School and all the sweet cherub-like little children are banging out bass heavy tracks with creepy drums. That’s kind of what Happa’s doing here, with tracks like Secrets and Let It Go, Pearson Sound-esque vocals and percussions with twisted bassline flourishes." — Joe Bish, Abeano