Weekly Retrospect 31/12

03 Aug 2012 — NFOP

A selection of tracks you should’ve been listening to this past week."That focus on timing and subtlety helps to further empower the resonant drum patterns and disembodied choir that eventually join Howard in his lament, just before he pulls himself back as the spare instrumentation makes the composition's closing statements." — Patric Fallon, Pitchfork"It's more downtempo and strangely far more accessible than previous Teengirl Fantasy tracks, offering itself up as a sort of alt-dance jam that shimmers with vocal samples and various oddities." — Tom Walters, The 405The-Drum are the perfect foil to Fay's meticulously cut-up approach, smoothing things out but not without retaining the original's unsettling, lurching quality. — Tim Gentles, Rose Quartz"Under the thick cords, minuscule blips and bloops bubble up, exhibiting the kind of attention to detail that makes Fort Romeau's tunes exceptional." — Elissa Stolman, XLR8R"In a landscape crowded with electro-girls, Kolstad stands tall – her music teems with positivity, energy and spirit." — John Rogers, Snipe