Weekly Retrospect 33/12

17 Aug 2012 — NFOP

A selection of tracks you should've been listening to this past week."Now Tom Krell has leant his fragile-yet-beautiful vocals to a moving rendition of Janet Jackson's "Again". The song hits me on some personal levels I'll spare you of, but regardless of how much you relate, there's just no denying that Krell manages to make you feel his woes. It's a strange and awesome power that he wields." — Jheri Evans, Decoder Total Loss is out September 17 via Weird World/Domino and in North America September 18 via Acéphale."With the first drum beat at 11 seconds and a delicate drop following, the powerful beats intoxicate; combine this with Bath’s dreamy vocals, here is a song of crushing emotion." — Francesca Davison, Dummy From Feel Me, out August 28 via Friends Of Friends."It's the kind of brogue that'd set adrenaline streaking through your body if you heard it yelling after you down a dark alleyway, but here, the only threat of violence manifests in the still-sore "wounds on [your] back." It's a tale of knowing better next time offset by Marshall's turning-trademark cockiness: all, "See, girl…" and dedications to an oblique old guard, the only lineage in which Marshall seeks to establish himself." — Laura Snapes, Pitchfork From the Rock Bottom/Octopus 7 inch, out September 24 via Rinse."[T]he first single from the band’s sophomore album is “Die Life,” an exhilarating burst of release-less tension that pairs a “She Lost Control” shuffle with a jacked tempo and animalistic melodies." — Self-titled Mag From Zeros, out September 30 via Captured Tracks."This is the most eccentric and mellow collection of tunes Traxman has released yet-- if the hypermanic lullaby of "Da World Around Us" and his rework of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" are any clues-- but it's another, almost undeserved peak into the mind of a juke giant, as well as a precursor to his forthcoming release on Lit City Trax. We can't help but be grateful for it." — Brad Stabler, Ad Hoc From Heat, out on Sewage Tapes.