Wildarms “Full Hearts”

09 Jan 2013 — Parker Bruce


Wildarms' song "Full Hearts" from the producer's forthcoming EP Clear Eyes (both a reference to the TV show Friday Night Lights), is like being in ten different places at once: a cherry blossom-filled zen land straight out of George Prochnik’s "In Pursuit of Silence", and a pinpointed snobby Victorian tea as if you were on the Soarin' ride at Disney. The "Unity" that came before has become "Full Hearts". And as with "Unity", the second single off the EP gives a seemingly unexpected starring role to, in this case, a harpsichord and sitar that sound all spindly and nesting. Wildarms, aka The Fader's Duncan Cooper, will drop the EP via beloved imprint Cascine on February 5. And take a second to contemplate on that wonderfully past-present cover art that takes a John William Godward painting and turns it into something that's almost more reminiscent of a Jeff Koons work by plastering that big, doofy smiley face on it.

Read an interview with Cooper over at Dazed Digital.