Video Sunday Vol. 55

05 May 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

It's Sunday, it's your day off, enjoy it. Here's our favourite videos from the past two weeks. 

Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Woman (by Italo Carella)

Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray (by Leif Podhajsky)

Bonobo - First Fires (directed by Young Replicant)

Sister Crayon - Cynic

odd nosdam - mellos

Haerts - Wings (directed by Emily Kai Bock)

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Video Sunday Vol. 54

14 Apr 2013 — Editor

Time for Video Sunday, which you honestly shouldn't take notice of, at least not if you live in Berlin - spring seems to be here, finally, so go to some park or whatever and enjoy. As regards those new or slightly new pieces for music by Adventure, James Blake, DJ Rashad, Postiljonen, The Cyclist, and Implodes - all excellent stuff, sure, but really, you can watch that later.

Adventure - Happiness

The Cyclist - Bones in Motion

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Implodes - Scattered in the Wind (by Lori Felker)

James Blake - Overgrown (Directed by Nabil)

Postiljonen - Supreme (Directed by Ty Olson)

DJ Rashad - I Don't Give a Fuck (by Ashes57)

Video Sunday Vol. 54

24 Mar 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Welcome to another edition of Video Sunday, this time finally back on Sunday, and with an extra-special selection with awesome visual cuts by Woman's Hour, Joanna Newsom (for LA-based clothing label Wren), Banks, Fryars, Mister Lies, and Rare Times. Start with the brand new video for "Broken Bridge" by Gainesville, Florida's Peace Arrow, the new project by Hear Hums member Mitch Myers.

Peace Arrow - Broken Bridge

Woman's Hour - To the End (Directed by Oliver Chanarin and Laurence Hamburger; performed by Siphiwe Mosoang and Xolani Nxumalo)

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Banks - Fall Over (Directed by Dylan Knight)

Fryars - On Your Own

Joanna Newsom - The North Star Grassman and the Ravens (Directed by Maximilla Lukacs)

Mister Lies - Hounded

Rare Times - Don't Stray (Directed by Sus Boy)

Video Sunday Vol. 53

18 Mar 2013 — Editor

Yes. We do know it's Monday already. Still, here's our latest selection of delicious videos, and as Video Sunday has been on a brief hiatus, we present our favourite works of the past few weeks, including those fabulous new pieces for Ducktails and Vondelpark, plus some excellent contributions by Ensemble Economique, Test House, and new NFOP favourites Millennium. Enjoy.

Millenium - Q&A (directed by Millennium & Adrian Parvulescu)

Vondelpark - California Analog Dream (directed by Rollo Jackson)

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Ensemble Economique - Something New Is Happening (images by Norman McLaren)

Test House - Hold Your Form (by Elizabeth Skadden)

Ducktails - Letter of Intent (by HARRYS)

Video Sunday Vol. 52

03 Feb 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

On this first February edition of Video Sunday, we've selected visuals with music in aid of The KVB, Tame Impala, Shugo Tokumaru, KAMP and Clinic, as well as another stunning piece by our California-based friend Tyler T Williams, this time for the LA-based solo project Maston

Maston - Messages (by Tyler T Williams)

The KVB - Shadows

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief (by David Wilson)

Shugo Tokumaru - Katachi (by Kijek/Adamski)

KAMP - Melt (directed by Tomek Goldbaum-Wlazinski)

Clinic - Seamless Boogie Woogie (by Feel Good Lost)


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Video Sunday Vol. 51

20 Jan 2013 — Editor

Welcome to the first regular edition of Video Sunday in 2013. Because of our brief hiatus, we've missed quite a bit, so this is an extra-large yet still by no means exhaustive selection for you to spend your Sunday night with, including rad and fresh contributions by Lee Gamble, Factory Floor, Woods, Alex Calder, SFV Acid, and Death and Vanilla. So much outstanding material, like seriously.

Lee Gamble - Coma Skank (BinocConverge Mix)

Woods - Size Meets the Sound

Factory Floor - Fall Back

Death and Vanilla - From Above

Alex Calder - Light Leave Your Eyes

SFV Acid - AS IS (Parts 1 & 2)

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Best of Video Sunday 2012

13 Jan 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

Ever since our first decision to start the monthly video feature Video Sunday, a feature dedicated tn the day where most people would take a deep and well-deserved breath after a long week, we've slowly become quite obsessed with music videos and the idea of merging two creative minds, the aural and the visual into one artistic piece. Now, you've probably seen Montreal director Emily Kai Bock pretty much all over the place this year, or the gorgeous videos for Sigur Rós' Valtari video project, or Perfume Genius' brilliant video for "Hood", and as much as we love those videos ourselves, the selection below is dedicated to splendid directors and video artists whose videos were slightly overlooked this past year, however with a few natural exceptions. 

Watch our selection after the break, in no particular order.


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Jakub Nox Ambroziak - Treebeard in the Dead Wood (by Czlowiek Kamera)

Gem Club - I Heard The Party (by Joshua Stocker)

Miaoux Miaoux - Hey Sound! (by Falentin)

Saint Lou Lou - Maybe You (directed by Philippe Tempelman)

Active Child - Hanging On (directed by T.S. Pfeffer & Robert McHugh)

Marijuana Deathsquads - Crazy Master (by Isaac Gale)

Julia Holter - Marienbad (by Rick Bahto)

Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream (directed by Thanasis Tsimpinis)

Kuedo - Ascension Phase (directed by Konx-om-Pax and Sabrina Ratté)

Lyonnais - A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary (directed by Lee Tesche and Sam Campbell)

Ditt Inre - Månljus (Saknad) (directed by Markus Waltå)

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (directed by Kristoffer Borgli)

Purity Ring - Fineshrine (directed by Young Replicant)

Pleq - Reconstruction (directed by Ela Aydemir)

The Megaphonic Thrift - Broken Glass / Yellow Fingers (by Blank Blank)

Brasstronaut - Mean Sun (directed by Kevan Funk)

Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together (directed by Fleur & Manu)

Phédre - In Decay (directed by Jesse Ewles)

Video Sunday Vol. 50

09 Dec 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Outstanding collection of remarkably high-profile works in this week's edition of Video Sunday, once again a little later than usual, apologies for that. Enjoy brand new visuals for Autre Ne Veut, J FernandezNguzunguzuHeatsick, and Twigs.

Autre Ne Veut - Counting (feat. Mykki Blanco)

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J Fernandez - No Luck

Nguzunguzu - Smoke Alarm

Heatsick - No Fixed Address

Twigs - Weak Spot