Dean Blunt “King James”

23 Aug 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Our cherished friends over at Tiny Mix Tapes are to Dean Blunt what Jay Carney is to Obama: the first to make sense of the mess he's done, and then struggling to explain it to the world. So whenever there's a new Hype Williams-related YouTube piece in my inbox when I wake up in the morning, the protocol requires me to head over to TMT first to look for answers. You're virtually never disappointed, cause while new material reaches me via mail, the folks over there must have some sort of Dean Blunt Google Alert sent directly to their iWatch prototypes or something. Or it's just that magical thing called time zones. Who knows, really.

So anyway, below there's a new track by Dean Blunt. It's called "King James". It's very Dean Blunt, which should be self-explanatory by now. Also, it's early. The time, not the track. Even better still, it comes as part of a whole new DB work, a 10-track, 24-minute EP called Stone Island, released in Russia (?), and available for download here, here, or here.

Press briefing is over. Carry on.

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