Secret Mountains “Coasting”

22 Jan 2013 — Parker Bruce


Baltimore's Secret Mountains are all go big or go home and sometimes that‘s just what you need. The band will drop their debut album Rainer via Friends Records on February 26. One of the first songs released from the album, "Coasting", comes off as the opposite of its title when you listen to it. "Coasting" implies ease and comfort, but Secret Mountains don’t allow for that: it’s hard and gurgling grunge. Press releases often describe a band’s sound in a laughable way, but this time, the label hits it right on the head: 'squalls', 'interstellar hail', 'thunder and lightning', 'howling rage', and 'downpour'. It makes you want to throw on a Cranberries record and let it rip; 'Rainer is the dark answer to each member’s storm, prompting listeners to roar through their own tempestuous experiences'. Is this the 'déluge' that Pitchfork's Lindsay Zoladz was referring to when she recently wrote, 'après Grimes, le déluge'? Not sure, but this piece of music indeed is a fucking 'deluge'.

Find the album here and support your Friends.

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