Stream: Hypnotized “Telesto EP” (exclusive)

21 Mar 2014 — Parker Bruce

Love Thy Neighbour (straight out of Brighton) are putting out Hypnotized's (aka Robbie Wood, Robin White, Paul Whelan) first EP, Telesto, on March 24. Though it is very easy to bill them as "psychedelic," Telesto speaks to so much more than that. It is a rather genius move to start off the EP with a track called "Thawed" as it implies a sort of rebirth or change of season. And the track lives up to its title with the layers of voices melting off and everything humming with a studied freneticism. Though most of the songs here are covered in sonic vagueries, everything is melliflous. "Ghost Walk" is downcast, convulsing and flickering in slow motion, "Vanity of Names" has carefully edited "whooshes" like wind tunnel gusts from storms running through it while "Fun Wings" is like an unmoored R&B/hip-hop track with almost light, flicking cymbals that create a tingling, teetering uncertainty. It is a bulbous EP full of morphing whorls that shows Hypnotized know what they are doing.

Pre-order Telesto here.

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