NFOP Presents: Polymorphism x PAN

19 Nov 2014 — Henning Lahmann

When I asked PAN's Bill Kouligas about his label's relationship to its physical home Berlin for a piece I wrote for the magazine of the 2014 edition of CTM Festival back in January, his response sounded very familiar: Arriving in the city in 2009 after a few years in London (where PAN was founded), his main motivation had been the cheaper rents, which made sense for the development of the young label. And while Berlin has certainly had a significant impact on him, he considered PAN still somewhat detached from the city's electronic music scene, with its strong focus on the dancefloor and thus club-ready productions. To be sure: it seems save to say that Kouligas' imprint by now has become one of the most admired outlets for experimental electronic music on a global level, yet while most will be aware where it is based, there is no inherent necessity to actually call it a Berlin label. To the contrary, it is a prime example of one of those aesthetic missions that are so strongly connected to their initiators that their home will naturally be wherever they decide to settle; that may be London, Berlin, or Athens, Kouligas' hometown.

However, starting with the releases of Heatsick's resolutely non-Berlin house oddball transmissions and Rashad Becker's masterpiece Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I last year, PAN has recently developed a more intimate relationship with its current home, more precisely with a very distinct part of it: Berlin's ever-growing – in number and significance – expat community. In 2014, Kouligas has continued to tap into this scene, putting out Scythians, an excellent EP by US native and Janus fellow M.E.S.H., followed by Objekt's long-anticipated debut full-length Flatland, surely one of PAN's most high-profile releases to date. Both artists are also part of the current roster of CTM's Berlin Current initiative, a picture-perfect alliance that will be celebrated in its appropriate setting at Berghain this Friday, November 21 as part of CTM's Polymorphism series. Accompanied by NFOP favourites Helena Hauff, Lee Gamble, and Visionist, as well as Beneath and JM Moser, the night promises to become one of this year's club highlights. As media partners of Berlin Current, we're presenting the event, and that's only one reason why we couldn't recommend it more emphatically.

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