Alligator Indian “PUF//FIN”

27 Aug 2013 — Henry Schiller

Alligator Indian’s “PUF//FIN” is like a Justin Timberlake cover of an Oingo Boingo song that I didn’t know I wanted to hear until I heard it and fell in love with it. The third track off of the trio's upcoming More Songs About Animals and TV EP, “PUF//FIN” is a gooey piece of maudlin dance pop. Alligator Indian trade in the video game fight song insistence of earlier single “Corpsing” for some head-in-the-toilet immersive trance, but "PUF//FIN" maintains "Corpsing"'s oozy graveyard atmosphere. With lyrics about devouring insects delivered in deadpan tenor, Alligator Indian may come off to some as more of a Mighty Boosh ripoff than a serious pop trio, but their goofy presentation delightfully masks some seriously intelligent compositions.

More Songs About Animals and TV is out September 17 on Bleeding Gold Records.