Braxton/Palmer: “Creeper (Pt. 1)”

15 Nov 2012 — Kelsie Brown

Baby, you don't know...

Coming from the deep woods of Olympia, WA, the home of K Records, one wouldn't necessarily expect to hear cutting edge dance music. It is, however, a place where experimentation in art is not only common but necessary for life. That's where Sonny Thomas, a.k.a. Braxton/Palmer comes in.

Braxton/Palmer's music is hard to categorize; there are obvious influences from old-school house jams as well as contemporary electronic genres, but it's undeniably a sound of its own. In his latest track, "Creeper (Part 1)", Thomas lays down vocal samples from funk tunes over jungle beats and draws you in immediately. At other times he chooses a slower build-up, like in "What I Want", a 6-minute burner that exemplifies what he does best: a long, intense and growing introduction that later shifts the beat dramatically. This is contemporary dance music at its absolute best.

Check out "Creeper (Part 1)" below. Other Braxton/Palmer tracks can be heard and downloaded on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Editor's note (update): "Creeper (Part 1)" is no longer available, but other older tracks can still be found online.