Stream: Call Super “The Present Tense”

22 Jan 2013 — Warren O'Neill

After a much-praised release on New York's Throne of Blood imprint, containing remixes by none other than the underground House kings Madteo and John Heckle, London native Call Super returns home for the first release via British label Houndsooth. Associated with the club/label Fabric, Houndsooth aims to do for artists what Fabric has done for DJs, and as the label's A&R Rob Booth said in a recent Fact interview, “[the label] will be a home for artist led projects... It's got a lot more of a license [than Fabric] to operate beyond the realms of the dancefloor”. This is immediately evident on The Present Tense, which operates a similar “experimental House” mode to fellow London label Trilogy Tapes, even down to the boutique sleeve design.

One of the most striking things about The Present Tense is its fluidity. The tracks never stagnate – new elements and flourishes are constantly being added and taken away while loops continually morph and evolve. So far Call Super has managed to keep himself under the radar, but after this high-profile release and the recent praise from both Ben UFO and Objekt, I think he is about to gain the attention of many more curious ears. The official release date for the EP is Febuary 25th, available for pre-orders at a discounted price directly from the label here.