Cankun “Science Can Help You”

05 Feb 2013 — Trey Reis


Cankun has always dwelled in that tropical morning fog, hovering low enough that only the tallest palm trees can rise through the haze. "Science Can Help You" from the artist’s forthcoming Hands in the Dark release, Culture of Pink, arises from that same cloudiness as last year’s Idle, this time a bit more dense, and in that time of the morning when last night’s beach-bound dance party is coming to a close just before the gradient colors of the sunrise appear from underneath the horizon. Psychedelic guitar swirls and cadence-like drum beats rise like steam from the pavement, but in visibility this low, it’s difficult to tell where one stops and the other begins. It’s atmospheric dance-music for the outdoors where no boundaries can contain it.

Let yourself be engulfed in "Science Can Help You" below, and look for the entire Culture of Pink album from Hands in the Dark on March 5.