Circuit Des Yeux “Lithonia”

18 Jan 2013 — Henning Lahmann


Of all 'haunted folk' artists that primarily stem from the Midwest, Chicago's Haley Fohr aka Circuit Des Yeux has always given the impression of having a creative vision that goes deeper and is somewhat more sincere than that of most of her contemporaries. Sure it's bleak, and yes you may call it lo-fi, but all those superficial characteristics merely hint at the real underlying profundity of Fohr's work, at complexities and subtle intricacies that unfold only hesitantly if you care to take a closer listen. "Lithonia", taken from Circuit Des Yeux's new mini album CDY3, might well be Fohr's strongest song to date. Starting out quietly with the vocals aloof and wrapped in stereotyped reverb, the track takes its time to develop, steadily adopting arcane elements that preserve the song from the lurking cliché, before resolution arrives by means of a pleasant explosion of the arrangement, subsequently paving the way for one of Fohr's most developed and breathtaking vocal deliveries yet. 

CDY3 is out via Magnetic South Recordings.