Premiere: Coyote Clean Up - “Rompy Exxxtreme”

31 Oct 2012 — Tonje Thilesen

Via Electronic BeatsToday we are excited to announce that Electronic Beats is joining up with No Fear Of Pop to premiere a new track by Coyote Clean Up. This is the first post in our drive to sync content from our favorite blogs. Watch this space for more!

Detroit's club head Coyote Clean Up has ever since his first appearance on NFOP, enchanted us with psychedelic techno filtered through tape recorded, Peaking Lights-esque decayed atmospherics. Following his splendid tape release Frozen Solid on 100% Silk, Magma Mondays will be released via Time No Place, and might in fact be his most thoroughly crafted release as of yet. Here, Coyote Clean Up takes a steadier direction, playing with hypnotic contrasts of chillout and Detroit house, contantly transforming the colour scheme of his intellectual, slow-building productions.

Below is a brand new, slightly darker cut from the album, out digitally on November 19th.