Coyote Clean Up “Rompy Exxxtreme (Pazes Remix)”

14 Jun 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Now here's a truly excellent one: Pazes is the nom de guerre of Brazilian beatsmith Lucas Febraro, whose origins lie, so we've been told, rather in the post-Dilla school of deranged hip hop. We can't judge on that, to be honest, as all we've heard from the producer so far is one track off his forthcoming album and this remix of "Rompy Exxxtreme" by long-standing NFOP favourite Coyote Clean Up and oh boy, someone's seriously not joking here. It's not that Febraro's interpretation doesn't take any sidetracks and twists and turns at all, but the overwhelming sonic impression is one of surprising and convincing if insidious directness, a 4/4 assault that guides us through a dystopian battleground of virtually infinite reverberation, fading voices, and mind-boggling, unnerving synth lines. Exciting.

Pazes' LP Sleeping Dolls is out 24 June via Time No Place.

Listen to the first unveiled track off the full-length, "Frozen", featuring Istanbul-based vocalist Biblo: