DJAO “Time To Stop Waiting”

08 Jan 2013 — Kelsie Brown

Up-and-coming producer producer DJAO has been a fixture of the Seattle electronic scene for a while, mainly through his involvement with Portland label/collective Dropping Gems. This notoriety has pointed him toward Friends of Friends, whose next release features brand-new tracks from DJAO along with other familiar names like Evenings, Octo Octa, and Kid Smpl. "Time To Stop Waiting" is a downtempo jam. Bright synths and crisp drum lines make way for relaxing piano samples and slowed down vocals, meanwhile keeping things in an optimistic light. It's a lightheartedness that we all need to consider in the future.

Show Me The Future is out January 15 through Friends of Friends. Listen to DJAO's contribution below, and snag the other 6 tracks in a few weeks.