DSTVV “Crusher”

27 Mar 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

In aid of Wormhole Records, the LA-based cassette imprint founded by post-internet personality and musician Snow Wite, comes the first single from the grunge trio DSTVV, who is set to release their EP Underground Product in May. All though we can't deny our lack of excitement around 90's vector art and constant tumblr references in the band's visual approach (and Soundcloud tags such as "Mollysoda" and "Seapunk"), "Crusher" is an epic dive into the grungy corners of the otherwise sunny California, with obvious influences to Nine Inch Nails and the nostalgic psychedelia. 

If you happen to be based in LA this week, try to bounce by one of their upcoming shows starting tonight — see dates below. 

3/27 @ Hyperion Tavern, Los Angeles, CA (with Skin Town)
3/29 @ Burger Records, Fullerton, CA (with Useless Eaters, Snow Wite, Froth)
3/30 @ Silverlake Overpass,  Los Angeles, CA (with Acid Baby Jesus, The Abigails, Useless Eaters +)