Dylan Ettinger “Dawn”

28 Feb 2013 — Andrew Wagner

Synth lover Dylan Ettinger has returned with a new tape, Crucify Your Love. Ettinger’s given us the first taste of the tape with track "Dawn", which finds him melding the twisted-pop approach of last year's Lifetime of Romance with the more meditative and atmospheric looping compositions of 2010 masterpiece New Age Outlaws. It’s a welcome move: while Lifetime of Romance could sometimes come off as a bit too aggressive, on "Dawn", Ettinger’s harsh vocals find a welcome complement in the track’s pared down and comparatively warmer synth grooves. In all its experimental weirdness, "Dawn" has a hypnotically danceable quality to it, its looping synth lines flirting with borderline-ominous beats. "Dawn" is a definite step forward for Ettinger, leading him into territory at once strange and enchanting.

Crucify Your Love is out now on cassette via Night-People.