His Clancyness: “Can’t Hear My Eyes (Ariel Pink Cover)”.

23 Mar 2012 — Henning Lahmann
On Monday, Oslo-based Splendour and Italy's Secret Furry Hole will re-release Always Mist by Bologna's Jonathan Clancy aka His Clancyness that originally came out on cassette via Mirror Universe in 2010. It's still a fabulous effort that sure deserved the vinyl treatment, but even if you happen to own the tape, the purchase of the LP is nonetheless something worth considering, as the b-side contains seven previously unreleased bonus tracks, one of them being this slow-burning, absolutely heart-melting cover version of one of our favorite Ariel Pink tracks, "Can't Hear My Eyes". Order Always Mist: Revisited now here (Europe) or here (North America). You may stream the whole album below: Also, this is a good opportunity to re-visit Clancy's amazing Yours Truly performance from April last year: