King Garbage “Glory Box”

22 Feb 2013 — Henning Lahmann

Sometime last fall, Brooklyn-based imprint Styles Upon Styles launched its Bangers and Ash release series, which 'invites artists to create heady experiments for the a-side and club-oriented tunes for the b-side of a specially designed 12" record'. A very intriguing concept as proven by the first two EPs, produced by tomlaan and Clay Wilson, who both found a perfect balance between a more ambient-leaning, experimental first half, and a no less complex yet dance-ready flip side. Now, the forthcoming third release takes the idea a step further. Seemingly a split release between King Garbage and kuxxan SUUM, the mastermind behind both projects is Brooklyn's Zach Cooper, so far better known for the latter guise's juke and bass-indebted dance efforts. Indeed, the EP's kuxxan SUUM-credited b-side further elaborates on Cooper's approach to contemporary beat tropes and is suitable for every forward-thinking floor between Berlin and Sydney. However, it is the naturally quieter, decidedly pop-affirming a-side that really mesmerizes. King Garbage, which consists of Cooper and Austin-based vocalist Victor DiMotsis, delivers a very compelling, laid-back yet twisted set of four tracks of avant-soul, stripped-down and restrained yet unequivocally groovy.

In anticipation of the release, which is due in April in a limited edition of 200, the label has dropped – you may have guessed it – a surprising and truly excellent cover version of the Portishead classic by King Garbage, which will not be part of the EP but is available as a free download via Soundcloud. The track, which rips the original apart completely save for the famous sampled drum beat loop and the lyrics, serves as a fine introduction to the duo's work. Take a listen below.