Love Cult: “Place to Get Lost In”.

27 Sep 2011 — Henning Lahmann

Full Of Nothing, the rad cassette imprint based in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, has already been introduced on these pages twice after releasing tapes full of brilliant psychedelia-induced ambience by Wind in Willows and a split by Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear, yet we hadn't been aware that the label founders themselves are deeply involved, astonishing pursuers of musical experimentalism. Enter Love Cult, the project of Ivan Afanasyev and his wife Anya. Their latest tune "Place to Get Lost In" is a stunning excursion into slow-burning, immense drone that drowns in a sea of gentle noise, aptly and beautifully mis-en-scène by fellow Karelian video artist Nikita Hilko.Love Cult - Place to Get Lost In