NFOP Recommends: Polymorphism x Janus

07 Oct 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Though unfortunately dubbed "Brooklyn Bohemians" who spread out to "invade Berlin's techno scene" by none less than the New York Times in February of this year and equally unfortunately included in Electronic Beats' rather ill-fated because oddly biased list of "Five Berlin Club Nights That Have Nothing to do With House or Techno", the folks of Janus have done a lot to make this city's club scene a lot more colourful and interesting in the past few years, and that holds true even if you're not the biggest fan of their chosen location, Chesters. This Friday however, the Janus residents KABLAM, M.E.S.H., and Lotic are about to leave their familiar playground in order to "search for the sound that doesn't exist" in a place that's famous for its very distinct definition of a proper Berlin weekend night and yes of course, Ms Blanning, it has very much to do with house and/or techno. Luckily though, Berghain is of course open-minded enough to welcome the 4/4-evasive renegades for another installment of CTM's Polymorphism series, which will host the principal Janus artists as part of their Berlin Current project, which is still proudly supported by No Fear Of Pop. The three will be accompanied by a fine selection of bass-inclined musicians Jam City, Total Freedom, boychild, TCF, and DJ Hvad. Warmly recommended by us – if you ever wondered what a Janus night would look (and sound!) like beyond the realms of Chesters, you know where to go this Friday.

Check out more details on the FB event page over here.