No Pain In Pop “The Bedroom Club II”

25 Jan 2013 — Will Stevens


The Bedroom Club is a fitting title for this new compilation put out by the always exciting No Pain In Pop. The contributing artists have been inspired by themes of ‘solitude’ and ‘isolation’ to create music from the intramural that is heavily influenced by the club and the bedroom composer notion. This has become a well-explored theme – music that is inspired by the metropolis and should be played alone during the early morning hours. But this compilation differs from other conceptually similar tracks. The individual tracks have a much profounder impact, as the artists are defiantly not just jumping on a current sound. Also, the ‘solitude’ of the bedroom producer shines through vividly without sounding contrived. There is serenity and an urbanised ambience that is implemented throughout these tracks, as if they are actually responding to the city's call. The more club-friendly tracks are graceful and personal, and this is a compilation that is perfectly weighted. Special mention has to go to the exciting return of Forest Swords, back in a new project with fine artist Otto Baer called Dyymond of Durham (if you are not stuck in GEMA-infected Germany like we are, you may watch the video for their track "Hunger" over here). Also, John Ola’s "bd" and the apocalyptic "Bantha Fodder" from Ornine are all excellent. No Pain in Pop always have an amazing ability to sound unique – even if when the path is well trodden, there is nothing else like this.

The Bedroom Club II is out on Monday, January 28. Order your copy here, the 12" edition is limited to 300.


(1) Ukkonen - Five to Three
(2) john ola - bd
(3) Buffalo Tide - Mädchen Amick
(4) Beams - Reveal Secrets (The Processes)
(5) Karen Gwyer - Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!
(6) Ornine - Bantha Fodder
(7) Dyymond of Durham - Hunger

Take a listen to Karen Gwyer's contribution below. In related news, Gwyer will release her proper debut full-length Needs Continuum on NPIP as well, the album is due February 25. Pre-order now over here.