Old Apparatus “JPES”

08 Oct 2013 — Henning Lahmann

"JPES" is the first sign of life in 2013 – save a retrospective of sorts – of elusive London collective Old Apparatus, who pretty much made our last year with their impressive string of consecutive EPs. While some members have even started new exciting ventures in the meantime, the brand new track proves that OA have lost nothing of their momentum. "JPES" is the closing track of a convincing six-track EP named Epirtsder, which will be handed out for free sometime next week as a thank-you to fans and supporters of the group. As for sound and approach, nothing has changed since last year, and why should it have; still characterised by nocturnal underpinnings, the collective blends post-rock and dub-indebted electronics, creating dense and edgy arrangements that strive for score-like atmospheres. Where most of the EP lingers over ambient textures without enforcing suspense, "JPES" absorbs some bass-heavy elements that provide for a strong EP finish, underlining the group's signifying eeriness and uncanny otherness that made us fall for them in the first place.