Premiere: Mind Over Mirrors - “Second Nature”.

16 Oct 2012 — Henning Lahmann

Chicago's Jaime Fennelly, the man behind harmonium drone project Mind Over Mirrors, has prepped his third full-length under this moniker, after last year's excellent The Voice Rolling (Digitalis) and High & Upon (Gift Tapes). On Check Your Swing, Fennelly continues to explore the infinite potential of his rather unfamiliar principal instrument, creating massive sound spaces that seek to overwhelm the unprepared listener with their sheer impenetrability. The heavily processed harmonium compositions land somewhere between spaced-out drone and organic, psychedelia-leaning ambient, taking their time to build up until they evolve into slow-burning, warm and comforting arrangements that generate incredible mind journeys through uncharted sonic territories. Stream album track "Second Nature" now exclusively below. Check Your Swing is out November 13 via Hands In The Dark. 300 copies of vinyl, pre-order now over here.