Stellar OM Source “Nite-Glo”

06 May 2015 — Evelyn Malinowski

I'm uncertain as to whether I possess the language for describing what it is about Christelle Gualdi's music that induces so much nostalgia. Some tiny, indiscernible aspect of it hits a neuropath in my head, which sends me back to an acute memory from my childhood, sans direct and obvious associations. It's a memory of an atmosphere - something about thunderstorms - not an event, and I've said it before and see the need to continue to explore this evocation. Since Gualdi integrated 303 beats, announced in a most celebratory fashion with 2013's Joy One Mile, those burnished sensations and otherwordly keys have been thoughtfully restrained out of will to renovate and, paradoxically, truly set the sounds free. Stellar OM Source, like always, offers an ethereally well-dressed package that holds within itself mathematically palpable infinity. Her discography is likewise a narrative, one that imparts the trials and tribulations of laboring in the lab of life.

Forthcoming Nite-Glo is a spot-on perpetuation of structuring her wild, melted-metal synthscape. This already soldered sound beams out through the creases of a geometic puzzle, one that rotates stoically and meditatively through space. Starting off with a demanding tone, "Sudden" communicates the onerousness of finding a solution to a gaping question: how does one house infinity? Unsure where to begin addressing the issue, we begin the task anyway. "Never" likewise commences with its nose turned down in concentration; yet, halfway through the track, more colorful keys join in attempt to ease the severe attitude of the song. A modular language of effervescence persuades the track's direction, leaving us in a mood for dancing. "Live" is where Gualdi achieves some lightheartedness through a somewhat comical rhythm operating from a lower octave, serving as the spinal column of the track. "Sure" delivers us to a warm spot on a hill, where we reflect that the EP has so. much. acid, apprehensive about so much hard work being demanded of us again in the future.

Nite-Glo is out on RVNG Intl. June 9th. Enjoy the video for "Sudden" in the meantime, and don't work too hard.