Ricky Eat Acid “Inside your house; it will swallow us too” (exclusive)

12 Nov 2013 — Andi Wilson

Following our label profile on Orchid Tapes yesterday, we are thrilled to share the first single from what will be their beginning of vinyl releases; Ricky Eat Acid's, Three Love Songs. "Inside your house; it will swallow us too" is the first step into a world of ambient dreams, transcendent sampling, and thoughts of 22-year-old Maryland producer/artist, Sam Ray. Even though Ray has had many releases under Ricky Eat Acid, the upcoming LP will be considered his debut album. Close your eyes and take a step back from reality. It's easy to drift toward an unknown consciousness equate to the divulgance you feel from REA's seeing little ghosts everywhere or aprilAlthough, this track shows an immense growth in production and use of contemporary elements in comparison to past recordings. 

Words from Sam Ray regarding his forthcoming release, "Three Love Songs is an album I started writing about a year & a half ago without much thought to what it would be or how it would sound or anything really. I had a very loose idea of a narrative for it, and a much looser idea for how I wanted it to sound. As I continued working on it over time, everything started to coalesce until it all made a lot more sense. I could probably talk forever about the narrative of the album and the theme(s) explored by it, but I think that would take away from the initial listening experience. 
It's definitely an album to be taken in as a whole but I also wanted each individual track to be able to stand on its own.  
The album's narrative focuses on loss, both personal and more universal. Loss as a purely abstract concept and as a very real and specific force. Maybe the loss of people or things, or maybe just the vague and concerning feeling of an ending, be it big or small. The three key songs that both set up the narrative as well as signal the main three shifts in tone through the album are the tracks "Inside my house; some place I keep dreaming about", "Inside your house; it will swallow us too", and "Outside your house; the lights went out & there was nothing."

Dabbling in a widespread and unique collection of bands/monikers, Ray does not only compose beautiful ambient sounds, but also noise, drone, pop, and whatever he's in the mood for. His other past/current projects include: Julia Brown, Starry Cat, Teen Suicide, and more that we are probably forgetting to mention. 

Stream and download "Inside your house; it will swallow us too" below. Three Love Songs will be a 12-track album released as a 12" vinyl record from Orchid Tapes on January 21st. 

Track listing:

1. There is only you in the light & nothing else

2. Driving alone past roadwork at night

3. Inside my house; some place I keep dreaming about

4. Big man's last trip outside

5. In rural virginia; watching glowing lights crawl from the dark corners of the room

6. Inside your house; it will swallow us too

7. It will draw me over to it like it always does

8. In my dreams we're almost touching

9. God puts us all in the swimming pool

10. Outside your house; the lights went out & there was nothing

11. I can hear the heart breaking as one

12. Starting over