Roman Ruins “Loved One (Moss of Aura Remix)” (exclusive)

09 Jun 2014 — Dalton Vogler

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to plan our lives around friendships. Some move away, others move together, and subtly over time our allegiances begin to shift towards family – and defining what exactly that means to the individual in us all.

For New Orleans based artist Graham Hill, his solo project Roman Ruins serves as the perfect vehicle to examine the vast themes of ever-changing adulthood. In his forthcoming LP, Hill stretches ambient electronic creations that delve into the nuances of relationships, and how drastic changes alter what one truly values.

We’re pleased to premiere a remix of Roman Ruin’s single off the album, “Loved One,” produced by Gerrit Welmers under his moniker Moss of Aura. His revision keeps Hill’s spacious vocals and adds a ruminating bassline, punctuated with bursts of synth radiance. This remix definitely keeps close to the source material, reflecting with melancholy on the familial highs and lows that can characterize a lifetime.

Moss of Aura’s remix of “Loved One” will be released June 10th and Roman Ruins' second album, Source of Pride, will be out July 15th via Gold Robot Records. Pre-order here.