Stream: Dinner “Girl EP” (exclusive)

25 Apr 2013 — Tonje Thilesen

Denmark's finest weirdo-pop artist Dinner (aka Anders Rhedin) is probably the closest we can come to a Scandinavian perception of the American west coast's underground cassette pop or, for any sake, french minimal wave — or even as NFOP's Henning said quite recently, "like the lost son of Ariel Pink and, say, Anne Grete". And yes, you also read quite correctly, we're officially making weirdo-pop an 'approved' genre now. 

In anticipation to the release party tomorrow night curated by our best buddies at Nordic By Nature, we're happy to give you a first listen to Dinner's splendid GIRL EP, out tomorrow via Looking Forward, who also gave us the brilliant  Rough Days For Diamond Trade