Stream: Lucrecia Dalt “The Commotus Remixes”

29 Jan 2013 — Henning Lahmann


Lucrecia Dalt's latest, brilliant full-length Commotus, which we described in June of last year as an album of 'carefully arranged soundscapes that appear gentle and pleasing on the surface, yet invariably imply some uncanny, surrealist subtext, a hidden meaning that taps into the unconscious', has been sort of re-released as a 24bit digital edition, now additionally coming with seven remixes. The selection of artists to rework Dalt's originals is rather impressive, including Berlin electronic music legends Gudrun Gut and Ekkehard Ehlers, London-based music journalist-cum-musician Matthew Ingram aka Woebot, Portuguese experimantalist Bruno Miguel aka :papercutz, and the man behind beloved HEM Berlin himself, Jason Grier. Unsurprisingly, the quality of all remixes is stunning, stylistically ranging from twisted techno bangers (Gut and Ehlers) to brief, delicate noise/ambient interpretations (Grier), profound pop deconstructions (Ingram), and far-flung bass intrusions by elusive project XHGC. Stream all remixes below.

Commotus is now available together with a download of all remixes via HEM Berlin. Order over here. In North America, the album is now directly available via Forced Exposure. Highly recommended.