Tommy Toussaint “Over and Over” (exclusive)

12 Nov 2014 — Henning Lahmann

Been a while since our paths last crossed with fairly recent Los Angeles transplant Tommy Toussaint, one of the artists who used to be associated with Oxford, Mississippi's rad Cats Purring collective. The former Dent May collaborator must have spent quite some time in the last year to master his knack for willfully notalgic yet ultimately timeless, wistful synth ballads, as proven with "Over and Over", the first single off his forthcoming full-length A Cool Kind Of Love: it's lush, a little brittle, and very cool indeed. If someone smuggled this into an 80s night at your local bar (I'm sure you'd never go there, but bear with me for a second), no one would ever notice. Which is a good thing. In this case at least.

A Cool Kind Of Love is about to drop on tape via Chill Mega Chill Records.